02 December 2012

Powder Puff

Detail bydetails Silver Sweater & Pleated Lavender Skirt | Melissa (Vivienne Westwood) Glittery Flats  Online Buy Necklace | H&M Silver Snakeskin Clutch

Feeling so dainty in my look for today's post. The pink wall certainly adds that kinda vibe. Made my photos look powdery fresh! lol.

Liking my comfy sweater? Well, I've got great news! I'll be releasing a bunch of cozy knits and tops for Detail bydetails' next collection next week so don't forget to be updated. The styling is pretty similar too! 

Will also be re-stocking these skirts as well as showcasing another skirt design in my next collection. Pretty excited to show you guys the new lookbook and editorial we've created.

I wore this look to a brunch date with one of my bestfriends, Jaye, for CMYK Cebu's Launch (owned by my good friend and famous photographer, Lea Ann which you've probably seen from yesterday's post. I wanted to be comfortable since I was  planning to eat a lot that day so I thought that this sweater would hide my tummy perfectly! hehe

Wore these Melissa flats yesterday just because I was really not in the mood for heels. I've never been a fan of plastic footwear but this was an exception. The glitter factor totally helped. Must start stocking up on party flats ASAP!

Added  this statement necklace to keep my neck from looking too bare. 

And grabbed this beautiful H&M clutch for an effortless look!

I don't know about you guys but I've never really valued false eye lashes until now.  They give your eyes an added depth !

See what I mean. Closing your eyes never looked that dramatic. hahaha
Anyway, that's it for today! I hope you guys enjoyed my post.

Oh! And special thanks to Toni for taking my outfit shots that day. :)

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