26 February 2013

Thailand: Sawadee Ka

Welcome to Thailand!
Not what you expected? haha For those of you who didn't know Bangkok, Thailand isn't all ruins. Cityscape is pretty awesome, don't you agree? And Architecture is definitely at it's best! It's not all temples and ancient buildings at this side of the world. :)

First stop, Cabbages & Condoms Restaurant. Your eye balls must be popping out right now. Before you judge take a look at the rest of the photos.

Pretty, beautiful right?  This restaurant actually aims to create awareness on having safe sex by promoting condoms. Do not worry, our food wasn't mixed with those either, if that's what you're thinking, they just placed in some interior touches here and there. haha

In my opinion, they're pretty creative when it comes to these things. Take this lighting fixture made out of condoms for instance. Unused of course, ,mind you! It's cool and bothering at the same time. haha It may seem weird but I hope you guys keep and open mind and look at it from a different perspective.

Our trip involved visiting a lot of furniture stores and boy was I pretty inspired. When it comes to personal taste I love classical pieces with a twist. Walking around and seeing all the different pieces from Ikea to the Design Square totally gave my creative juice some extra push.

The best thing about visiting Thailand was getting to see all these architecturally preserved temples. I mean, come on! There must be dozens of them all over the city, thankfully we were able to drop by and visit a few.

First stop was the Temple of the Golden Buddha at Wat Traimit. Facade was amazing! Felt like I was in a Thailand version of Harry Potter. 

Decked out with bling and bedazzles! haha Seriously now. On to a more serious note, I've noticed that most of their ornaments and other architectural elements where covered with gold leaf finish and heavily decorated with jewels.

They used up all the available surfaces and covered them all with art. The main door was no exemption!

Hand painted walls were another example. Must be some painter, one huge ass aspirin for you. Haha Kidding aside, I was really impressed on how much detail their temples had and how precise each one was. This must've took so much time and really great skill.

As if the hand painted walls and doors weren't enough, they even decked their entire ceiling with more details!

The Sitting Golden Buddha --like a boss! ( Okay I should quit making fun of these things already.)

Second stop was the Temple of the Reclining Buddha or Wat Pho Temple. Was shocked on how huge that sleeping Buddha was. 46 meters wide, ah--mazing!

There were more hand painted walls on this temple too. Looking at these makes me miss college and all the paintings we used to do.

Over all it amazes me how the Thailand government were able to maintain and preserve these beauties!

 Before ending my post let me show you guys all our silly escapades with my roomie and good friend, Michille. It's never really a trip without mishaps now is it? haha 

Basing from our photos I always end up doing the craziest things whenever I am with this girl. Like running around the city acting like goof balls pretending like no one's watching excepttheguyinthepinkshirt -- laughing like idiots. haha That's us!

 It was nice meeting everybody outside of work. Pretty thankful for this trip! :)
Ending this post with a photo of the gang.

Goodnight guys! Hope you guys enjoyed my travel diary. :)

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  1. waaa everything looks sooo amazing!

    Twitter/Instagram: @moustachic

  2. i miss bangkok!!!!! and yan, i think because we went on a weekend that our temple trip was very hurried and i didn't see the painted walls…next time then!

    p.s. makaboang ang platinum noh? LOL.

    ♥ latest post: "hale manna part 1: tribal print x polka dots" at vanilla ice cream | a cebuana's personal style blog ♥

    1. haha PLATINUM! Di biya klaro Hand painted on the first temple we went to. That's why it was so amazing! hahaha


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