01 March 2013

Denim Break

R.A.F (Rich and Famous) Snakeskin Buttoned Up Shirt | Old Denim Pants 
 H&M Silver Snakeskin Clutch | Rusty Lopez Pointed Pumps

I took these shots two days ago. And I recall I was 200% sick that day which explains the minimal make up on these shots. Just powder and eyebrows and I was done. Whenever I'm caught with the flu I tend to fall under casual dressing. As if I'm not casual as it is compared to other bloggers. haha 

So it was just me, my very sick self and some denim. These really old pants of mine go way back 2006. Luckily they still fit. It's amazing what denim pants can do. They're classic and rugged at the same time. With the right pair and the perfect accessories you can go anywhere with these!

Buttoned up shirts are my all time favorites, they keep me looking appropriate for work without going overboard on accessories. Under my field, pieces of clanky jewelry are a big no no. haha

So instead, I go with some statement earrings and my dad's vintage Timex watch for an understated luxe feel.

Enough about clothes. 

I always have this notion that as long as I am able to fix or do things I will do whatever it takes to get things done. That's the stubborn side of Gillian and I guess I pushed myself too far that day. Didn't listen to what my body was saying and just kept working. The result? Two days in bed puking and having the worst headache in history-- not fun at all! haha So don't be like me and remember to take a break once in a while and I will forever play back in my head that coke is not a substitute of water. haha

Stay healthy everyone! :)

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  1. We'll have collars like this one in our summer collection :)

    the ALLAROUNDEVE team

    1. Will definitely take a look once it's out :)

  2. you looks so lean and chic! love your hairstyle and accessories too dear xo jess

    1. It's pretty rare that I tie it up. Glad you liked it. :)


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