03 May 2013

A Little Piece

Binkydoodles Printed Top | Detail bydetails Denim high waist shorts 

I've been feeling kinda dazed off here. This crazy summer heat has certainly gotten to me. Mini shorts are certainly getting more attention from my closet lately. The heat is unbearable and it's either I'm itching to go swimming every chance I get or just find the nearest full blast air-conditioned area.

I took it as a sign to wear this printed top from Binkydoodles. It's lightweight which was perfect for the sticky weather!

For my Labor day agenda I decided to visit ALPS (A Little Piece Of Sky) Cafe for their soft opening. They got me as an Interior Consultant way back last year when construction was still going on. 

I was very pleased to see my invite / plane ticket last Tuesday on my office table! Specially delivered. *wink* haha

We actually did a shoot here for Detail bydetails' past collection
I'm glad that they finally opened. Several months in the making and I can see all the hard work paid off! haha

I bugged my sister, Germaine, to go with me and try out their menu! 

Like the last time, I was drawn to the sangria, my favorite. Since their menu is still limited right now as it is still their soft opening I suggest you try their Cucumber Boat if you want something to munch on or their Brownie Rumble if your into sweets like me!

Let's talk about the interiors! When I was talking to Patty, they already had a concept in mind which I was really into. Wanderlust was the idea which I was pretty much on board with. The best projects I enjoy are when you're dealing with open minded clients who look at design at a different perspective.

I've known Patty since high school so it's pretty clear that the Cafe is a reflection of their family. Her father and sister are pilots and I'm guessing they all love to travel as I recall they left the Philippines for a few years.

I will not delve into too much detail but you guys have to visit the place to see and taste for yourself. :) Cebu's definitely been upping the ante with secret restaurants!

Visit them when you can guys! :)
They're menu is still limited but they offer a few light meals, snacks and desserts!


  1. I absolutely love your top!


  2. such cute shorts!


  3. gorgeous look!!! love your top <33 the place looks so cozy


  4. Love this look, like your write-ups and adore your blog. NICE KAAYO TEH!

    Following you through GFC!
    charnesss ♥.♥

  5. pretty pics and outfit,I love floral:)

  6. Your top is so cute. I love the zipper accent :)


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    1. Thank you Rosa! Always nice to hear from you :)

  8. The printed shirt is so super cute!! <3

  9. The top is so cute ! It suits you so well !
    Always love your style, babe xx


  10. Great look ;)
    Pretty girl !


  11. Nice photos and really cool outfit, you look great, I like your shorts, what a great shape and that top is so nice, the perfect touch to the outfit also you are really beautiful and your shoes rock! Your have a lovely blog by the way

  12. I always follow and read your blogs. I'm such a huge fan of yours :)

  13. cute



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