24 June 2013

Neon Nights

Topshop Striped Cropped Top | Sister's Neon Green Bondage Skirt | Rusty Lopez Plum Pumps | Forever21 Gold Necklaces

Something new for today's post. My sister and I always have a hard time taking pictures at night since most of them come out blurry compared to my day ones. It was a struggle but I was able to save a few shots from our shoot.

Drawn to simple and easy looks lately. That's why I resulted to the forever safe tank top-bondage skirt combo.

I've recently bought a whole lot of jewelry from my last visit from Forever21 last week. As I mentioned from my previous post, I've been wanting to layer necklaces in different lengths.  This is just the first,  don't get shocked if I'll be wearing different variations of these in future posts..

To keep things interesting I decided to add neon green into the mix. Notice how it helps turn the look a little bit playful?

Well, that color does the same thing with Interior Design. If you think your room is a bit "blah" adding a little dash of neon will do the trick.

Repainting furniture or creating a striped white and neon accent wall  are a few quick ideas on how to incorporate this color into your space.

Neon's a very vibrant color, I guess that's why they're really cool pieces to wear at night or use as accents in dim spaces.

Agree with my neon conclusions? :)


*photos without watermarks are grabbed from various sites*


  1. Hi my dear! You look so lovely! I love neon so much!:)
    Kisses from Germany- Anna:)

  2. Love the neon- you look great :) Xx

  3. love everything about this outfit, including the accessories, love the night shots, you look gorgeous . . .

  4. love the color combination. that skirt is fab! and thank you for commenting on my recent blog post.



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