26 June 2013

Wednesday Blues

Detail bydetails Black Bomber Jacket, Denim Collared Top & Blue Pants | Gold Dot White Heels

Loving my look for today's post! I usually try to go for simple elegance when it comes to styling myself but when I rushed off to work with this I'm kinda liking the urban vibe I've accidentally created. Dunno if it's all the "weird music" (as my sisters like to call it) I've been listening to or the fact that these were on top of the pile of clothes from my closet. But whatever, I like it! haha

I wonder if I can keep up with creating looks like these on a regular basis. It's actually a nice mix from my normal dainty preppy outfits. Don't you think?

Denim magically adds an interesting street style sense since its raw characteristics instantly turns it from simple to cool.

As for interiors, it's really a good material to play around with in furniture pieces and other fabric related accessories instead of the usual cotton and linen.

When translating denim it doesn't necessarily mean you have to use the fabric per se. Taking inspiration from its texture you can recreate that same effect on washed out blue walls.

More denim. Yes? :)



  1. Love this look!

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  2. The look of blue on blue is gorgeous! I love how you touched up the outfit with the simple black and white too.


  3. Hey dear,
    your outfit is so cute.
    I really love your sense of style :)
    Wish you a beautiful day <3

  4. It turned out great. You look chic. :) Hey dear, you have a nice blog. I am following you now via GFC & Bloglovin. Come check my blog. I hope you can follow back. I'll wait for you in my blog dear.

    XX, IamJenniya


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