02 August 2013

Just Words

Sister's Statement Shirt | PRP printed Skirt | Forever21 necklace

Here's a backlog post for you guys today since I just arrived from my trip and have not really gotten that much extra time to shoot new looks. haha

Wore this look to a fun afternoon with Kryz, my best friend. We don't really see each other as much as we want to but whenever we do it feels like time passes us by very quickly. 

We decided to grab snacks over at La Vie Parisienne. Macarons, coffee and an awesome conversation always does the trick.

I loved how the shelves and the arches had a proper transition from floor to ceiling. Gave the tiny wine cellar a bit of character. I bet room acoustics in this place is pretty good too because of how it was designed.

For an afternoon of laughs I decided to wear something comfy.Wore my forever favorite graphic print bondage skirt . Sue me, it's really hard for me to let go of favorites. haha 

I've been kind of addicted to statement shirts lately. Stole this one from my sister. Loose and easy for the crazy claustro in me.

Using statement words can also look beautiful in homes. Unlike before, it's not constraint to commercial areas and you can actually infuse them into residential spaces already. You can have inspirational words on your house walls or even a few scribbled ones on the carpet.

A good place to incorporate this trend would be at your office or study desk. A few motivational words won't hurt. :)

Sending out good vibes to the universe!
Happy Friday everyone!


*photos with no watermarks were grabbed from various sites*


  1. If that's how "nerds" look nowadays, where do I sign up? :)

  2. I love the statement wall(however you call it). :))

    1. haha Accent wall. Statement wall. Whatever it is. Glad you liked the post. :)


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