05 August 2013


Cesa PH Scuba Cut Rashguard | ZLZ pants | Forever21 Galaxy Cap & Heels

I was going for that street style look when I came up with this outfit. I've been stirring away from my girly girl side and going for a more edged up modern direction. 

My top is actually a rash guard which Cesa PH sent me last week. I could no longer wait too hit the beach with this one so I decided to wear it as a regular top instead! Scuba cuts like these are love. I think they're the perfect bridge between feminine and masculine style. Don't you?

I thought adding this galaxy printed cap might spice things up too. The moment I laid eyes on this one I knew I had to get it even if it was clearly found under the boys' section.

Taking my cue from the almighty universe, it's always interesting adding quirky items inspired by the cosmics into your space such as a statement carpets or even wall art or table runners. They just seem to be a rare accent to do.

If accents aren't your thing and you wanna go big, you can always try emulating the countless stars through lighting! Yea?  Must fill up my room with these kinda lights. <3

Hoping to find more galaxy inspired pieces! Any ideas? :)


*photos with no watermarks were grabbed from various sites*


  1. I LOVE the galaxy print, so this cap is great in my opinion <3
    I also love your pants!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Rosa! Always nice to hear from you :)

  3. I was hoping to see those pants again.
    Last time, you had them partially covered.
    I love this outfit! Aggressively feminine . . .

    1. Correction:

      I was hoping to see those pants again.

      should be

      I was hoping to see those pants again!


  4. Loving those pants. Cool details.


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