11 August 2013

Scratch That

Zara Tank Top turned Shirt Dress | Jamie Wedges Gold Dot | Dad's Charriol Men's Watch 

Last Friday was a Holiday and I finally got to catch up with my "Saturday Lunch Group" buddies after the longest time. With all the big things that has happened these past few days, and OMG are they crazy , I've been slacking off on figuring out what to wear because of all the extra thinking. haha So a simple tank top turned shirt dress for me on today's post.

Men's watches are a forever love of mine. That's why I hoard my Dad's watches more compared to my mom's girly pieces. haha

Despite its simple form I fell in love with the graphic print on this one. Another thing about me is I'm kinda addicted with note pads & papers. My college days were heaven, sketch book overload! I just really like paper. haha Even the smell of books gives me the chills. Yes, I am weird like that. #donotjudgeme lol!

I used to have so much mood boards back in the day, so when I stumbled upon these Interior photos it gave me an idea and thought it was such a smart  way to decorate walls rather than the usual wall papers. Don't you think? It's way cheaper too! haha

Even creating statement pieces like this awesome ceiling fixture is such a great idea! 

This paper post is getting me inspired! Might do a DIY myself. Can't wait to share it with you guys soon!  


Thanks to my awesome friend Chab for taking my photos that day and Andrew for the support? haha
*photos without watermarks were grabbed from various sites*


Thanks for commenting you guys! Will answer as soon as I can if there are any questions. <3

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