30 August 2013

Native Ambition

Binkydoodles Wrap Bandeau | Detail bydetails Native Maxi Skirt | So Fab Flats

The heat was screaming today. Took it as a sign to wear this wrap bandeau from Binkydoodles. It's pretty easy to wear. Plus the fact you can adjust how the bandeau hugs your body by adjusting the knots at the back.

"That skirt again?" haha Pardon the repetitive blow but I just love the print on this one. Native prints like these add so much character to dressing, unlike the generic prints you see lately. Felt like this one's a treasure!

I always found it interesting in Interiors too. They always help create a cozy feeling don't you think? Somewhat of a rich homey texture seems to envelope the space when it comes to native prints.

Especially ones in monochromatic tones. They're just one way to create something really effortless despite the popping prints.

Hoping to score more prints like these soon. Both in Interior & clothes.


*Photos with no watermarks were grabbed from various sites.*


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