21 September 2013


Blind Clothing Black Slip Dress | Parisian Black Boots

This particular day was a lazy one. Met up with my good friend and very talented photographer Hannah Bacalla to catch up after what feels like a billion years. Since we met up for breakfast I decided to go with my mood and wear something hassle free with my Blind Clothing slip dress.

I love having breakfast with people I enjoy talking to. If I had my way I would prefer to take my morning meals for 3 hours. haha Enjoying my coffee and having endless conversations was the perfect way to start my day!

Sister duo Ninz & Dawn Sy, owners of Blind Clothing, came up with with gorgeous slip dress design. I love silhouettes like these, hangs really well on the body and flatters all body types. The back design was beautifully architectured as well.

Talking about the grid back of the dress made me realize that this same characteristic is found in interiors too. Especially recent modern industrial ones.

Also, they're good way to inframe a scenery. May it be a gorgeous leafy garden or your twenty stories high flat view of the skyline.

Always a pretty sight!

*photos without watermarks were grabbed from various sites*


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