25 September 2013

Bottled Up

Promod Textured Blazer | Bazaar Find Muscle Shirt | ZLZ Pants | Old Sequined Ballet Flats

Here's another outfit shot from our last trip to HongKong. We passed by Times Square that day so I figured this was a nice place to take shots while waiting for everyone else to come back. This was during our first day there and  special thanks to my awesome friend, Princess, for being so game with taking my photos despite the busy crowd. :)

Taking my cue with today's shirt print, let's talk about Vodka. 
Eyes wide open?  Hold your horses! Not what you're thinking. haha I'm talking about how to use EMPTY bottles of vodka as home accessories!

We've got your generic idea by using it as a pendant lamp! The frosted glass of Belverde Vodka bottles gives out a great effect once paired with a light bulb. 

If you are of no need of lights painted bottles are an equally interesting alternative. You can go freehand with your designs and be surprised. Whatever the result at least you can say it's your work of art! haha Place it on a shelf, or at any side table and I'm sure it will instantly become a conversation piece.

There you go! 
Apologies for my really late posts. I have so much interior and visual work to do I think I'm kinda slacking off with this whole blogging thing. Will try my best to catch up. Till my next post friends!


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