27 September 2013

Double Mint

@love_elevenshop Green Dress turned top | Topshop White Pants | Black heels from Zalora

I love that the peplum trend hasn't died yet. When you have short dresses like these and you can't pull them off with your usual mini shorts because of certain conservative events then wearing pants totally saves the day! Been keeping an eye with a lot of racer back cuts, which I've mentioned a billion times,similar to this one from Love Eleven Shop (IG: @love_elevenshop). Loving it's sophisticated deign. Thanks to the people behind Love Eleven Shop for specially delivering these items t

Since I was all covered up that day I thought wearing these crazy high heels which Zalora PH sent me were the perfect items to add some sexiness on today's outfit.

I love green and white combinations. May it be in clothes or in spaces. They really make me feel minty fresh. And the mix somehow reminds me of the smell of double mint gum or toothpaste . Dunno why, I am weird like that.

For those who did not know Green has a psychological effect on people. Stare at  trees or any shade similar and they instantly calm you down! Using this color in interiors always  does the trick. 

It somehow helps you breathe don't you think? Makes the space look lighter.

Try it! :) Till my next post dear readers. Hope you guys enjoyed my post for today.


*photo with no watermarks were grabbed from various sites*


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