29 September 2013


This asymmetrical top is a dream! Beautifully designed by Jo Beth of Van Vogue Manila. As an Interior Designer beautifully architectured pieces I'm very drawn to. 

Bare back and a tiered flounce! Words are failing me right now I wish someone would please translate my brain for me. I'm at awe.

Paired it with denim cut-offs to cover up. A good styling tip is to always balance out your look. So if you have an exposed top like this one then the best thing to do is to cover your legs.  Playing around with texture always does the trick. Contrasting soft & rough materials.

My sisters were joking around on how my top resembled curtains. Light bulb! haha I know I talked about curtains last time but it was more focused on sheer ones. Today we'll be talking about solid folded drapes.

Interiors with folded draped curtains add a hominess into the room. They add a cozy ambiance to the space and not to mention a more secure environment for the area.

They protect you from the sun and prevent your space from being too exposed from the outdoors. They're really beautiful in full length windows that go high up the ceiling. Sets the mood, perfect for the rainy season! :)


*photos with no watermarks were grabbed from various websites*

Ending my post by reminding you guys about Van Vogue Manila's Pre-Holiday Sale!
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  1. Hope to see that asymmetrical top again; if you paired it with something equally feminine, there would be rioting in the streets! :)

  2. You look gorgeous!!
    I love the silhouette of the top<3 <3

  3. Stunning shirt.


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