29 December 2013

Party Brights!


A few days more till the New Year! Pretty excited to see all the fireworks on New Year's Eve.

In preparation for the new year's I've been secretly stocking up on bold & bright prints in my wardrobe. I try to add some variety into my closet. Fashion is about having fun and expressing yourself , so for days when I feel like a ball of happiness *insert vibrant dress here*.

Since it's the season for parties I'm sure most of us have family and friends over for gatherings. So it's time to prep up your homes for the festivities that are about to happen!

Similar to my dress , festive prints always gets you into a party mood. Punches of colors and prints never fails to cheer up your space and your guests. It's a really quick way to spice up your homes. Together with pretty bright florals and colorful accessories.

Bazaar Find Printed Dress | Janilyn Plum Pumps | Celine Trio Sling Bag in Navy Blue

Are you guys ready for the New Year?
Cheers to the long weekend! :)


*photos with no watermarks were grabbed from various sites*

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