06 January 2014

Prestigio Hotel Apartments

There's a new place in town!

Welcome to Prestigio Hotel Apartments! My good friend Mike (the best friend's boyfriend) just opened his hotel in time for Cebu's grand fiesta, Sinulog. Most of my friends are always on the prowl for good rates when it comes to accomodations so I've been recommending this to everyone. Not only that but the location is found in Lahug, Cebu City. That means everything is close by. Right in the heart of the Cebu Metropolis.

I loved their modern take when it came to the interiors. Less is more. The injections of colors here and there went well with the whole concept. The design was simple yet well proportioned. Cement, wood, high gloss, my kinda place!

The long pendant lights they had at the atrium were the perfect center pieces for the space. Simple and bold.

They have a wide selection of rooms too so I'm sure they'll have one that suits all your needs. 

So, if you'll be heading to Cebu anytime soon (Sinulog!*hint*hint*) check out Prestigio Hotel Apartments!

For more information go check out their website.
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  1. The hotel looks amazing! Love the minimal interior design xx


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