07 January 2014

Dainty Prints

Extra happy today as I am finally done planning out an interior renovation we've been busy with at work lately. Worked extra hard on this one and this was all we could think about during the recent holiday season so it's good to finally complete it. 

To celebrate, I decided to give the office looks a break and went dainty with my Cesa PH Keyhole dress which I designed last year with my holiday collaboration with them .

My fave thing about this design is it's folded back detail. Together with the awesome prints Chaley picked out for these!

 It's amazing what color can do. From the firey orange one  that screams festive parties to this calm bluegreen shade that spells afternoon tea all over it. That's exactly what happens in interiors.

This certain shade of blue/green is very easy on the eyes. So it's fun using them with large prints since you can never go wrong with it. It's always very relaxing to come home to this color!

Cesa PH x Gillian Uang Printed Keyhole Dress | Celine Sandals
Getting some rest today, finally!

Hope you guys get some rest too. :)


*photos with no watermarks were grabbed from various sites*


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