12 January 2014

Mustard Seed

I've been feeling weak lately. The Cebu weather today isn't helping at all so I've come to the conclusion to post some of these sunny backlog photos my dad took of me last week. Sinulog is just around the corner and a yearly tradition that my family and I have is to visit the Basilica Del Sto. Nino Church before the church gets packed this coming week. 

Since the whole look is very simple I got to wear my fedora hat from WAGW again (as seen here). Wearing hats are a good trick to elevate any outfit.

Besides hats necklaces are another easy way to update a look. Especially ones with varying lengths like what I did in this look.

For the visit I opted for something simple. A jeans and tank top combo is always a good choice.  My mustard tank top from OOTD Ph certainly was the right one to wear that day.

This shade of yellow has a special place in my heart. Whenever I am down they certainly know how to cheer me up.

It's certainly a happy color both for interiors and in clothes. May it be used for large dosages or just minimal pops they certainly have the same effect. It's a fun color to work around with since it has so much potential. Dressing them up or down is a piece of cake!

OOTD Ph (IG:@ootdpilipinas) Mustard Tank Top | Old Denim Jeans 
 WAGW  (IG:@shopwagwBlue Fedora Hat | Zalora PH (IG:@zaloraph) Sandals

Will you be trying out this color? :)


*photos with no watermarks were grabbed from various websites*


  1. Love that blue fedora! Hope you're feeling better soon . . .

  2. I love this look ;)
    You're so gorgeous !
    Kisses <3



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