14 January 2014

The Great Adventure: Sinulog Essentials

Prrttt Prttt Prtt!
I hear the whistles and the never ending drum beat already! If you're from the Philippines you would know that it's just a few more days before Cebu celebrates the Sinulog! In preparation for the event here are a few essentials I recommend on the big day.

1. A Sinulog Shirt

To get into the Sinulog spirit I recommend picking out a Sinulog shirt for you. Something that you are not afraid to wear amidst all the dirt and paint that you are bound to have on the day! Take for example this design from Pink Lemon Store (IG:@pinklemonstore). I love that it's simple and straight to the point. "THE GREAT ADVENTURE" indeed. 

2. Clear Zip Pouch

I swear, this is very useful on the day. Most people would be busy throwing beer or other liquids that day so this will keep your gadgets safe and dry! I got mine from SM but  If you don't get to find this anymore an ordinary ziplock will do.

3. Colorful Bracelets

These can turn your simple look into something more in theme. Pick out bright colors from the different ethnic tribes and you're sure to look festive with them.

4. Sturdy Shoes

Although slippers sound really comfy for long walks you'll have to ditch them for that day and go for closed ones. You'll  thank me right after you're battling the streets just to go to Baseline.

5. Sunblock

You don't have to bring the bottle but I suggest you lather on some sunblock. You might get stuck at some random road at the middle of Mango under the terrifying heat of the sun. 

6. Power Bank

Taking instagram worthy photos will be your goal and battery life will become your best friend. So I suggest, if you have extra room in your bag bring along a power bank if you can. Got mine from New Frog (IG: @newfrogcom)!

7. A Tiny Pouch

This is very useful, you can store in all your tiny pieces here. House keys or even cash! Easy to pull out from your bag rather than rummaging through it at the middle of the street.

8. Sun Glasses

These are your saviours. When you're make up has just been washed off by a mixture of sweat and beer and you'll have a billion other people you have to take pictures with just put on these Stun Glasses (IG: @stunglassesph ) and you're good to go! I am obsessed with these, they have various colors and they're full on tint so you know you're protected from the sun and the flashes. :)

9. A Tiny Sling Bag

Emphasis on the "tiny" . You don't want it to get caught anywhere so be sure to bring with you a small one that you're not afraid to ruin. This one's my favorite outdoor native bag that the WAGW (IG: @shopwagw) team has sent me. I've always been bringing it to all my travels and other adventures and it's as sturdy as a rock!

10. Denim Cut Offs

Let's face it, no matter how much we go back and forth denim has to be the sturdiest material in town. It comes in a variation of design like my Blind Clothing (IG: @blindclothingxx) laced cut off.



Thanks for commenting you guys! Will answer as soon as I can if there are any questions. <3

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