04 April 2014

Here We Are Again

*Interior photo taken by Kirtz Samson*

Here we are again! Another lazy day for me. When I'm stuck in a rut I usually don't have the patience to think about what to wear. As a result, I always end up wearing an all black ensemble just to be safe. 

Instead of wearing the usual denim shorts and t-shirt mix I thought to punch in a few interesting elements like wearing a sparkly shirt with (surprise!) leather shorts. Although the grunge peg isn't really my forte but I thought trying it out once in a while will not hurt.  It's that type of piece where you don't have to do much and it speaks for itself. 

This material does wonders with spaces too. If you're the type who's into modern elements into your home then adding a leather sofa will instantly create that  look. It's even more elevated when you add metal pieces like the silver lamp. 

Mom's Vintage Top | Forever 21 PH Leather Shorts | Janilyn Pumps

So when in doubt, go for leather!

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