02 April 2014

Happy Skin

I've just recently found out about this brand a few months ago and was very curious about it, mainly because of their witty names. I was hesitant last December so I chose to buy their lipstick first, just to try it out. Was not expecting that I would become a forever fan! Even gave it out as Christmas gifts to all of my girlfriends. :)

A few weeks ago, they sent over these items which I have been using non-stop. The new lipstick shades are to die for and their powder and liquid foundations were perfect. I liked how they can stay on the whole day and still have that matte effect. Perfect for girls like me who are always on the go.

"Women want to be flawless at the face of trials and in the midst of blemishes to “[Not] Get Mad, Get Even.” They want that natural flush that can prompt them to say, “Get Cheeky With Me.” They want to muster the guts to demand smooches from the apples of their eye and exclaim, “Shut Up And Kiss Me!” Transitively, Happy Skin doesn’t only make skin happier, it therefore also tugs at heartstrings, hits a nerve, and drives home a point, making the brand an instant favorite among women."

Visit Happy Skin here in Cebu over at
Plains & Prints Branches
Beauty Bar , Ayala Center Cebu

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  1. I really like it! Love this discovery :)
    Kiss Kiss

  2. Thanks for sharing this info! :) Gonna visit it and find something for summer.



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