04 May 2014

Cool Blue

The Cebu heat has been getting on my nerves lately. It's unbearable if you ask me. And so I have found a temporary solution to the almost impossible to solve problem that is mother nature, and that's to go for cooler colors under the spectrum. Blue is cool on the eyes which reminds us of the sea and the clouds. A psychological diversion is badly needed nowadays. Lucky for me I have my OOTD PH  (IG: @ootdpilipinas) navy blue dress.

*Everything in this Interior Setup is all from Mandaue Foam*

I did a little Interior setup at work to show you guys that interior spaces can have that too. By adding these ocean like colors you're sure to create a calming area that hopefully helps in lowering down the temperature at home. It may be temporary but I assure it does beat staying in a red room during the summer season. haha

That's it. A quick post for today.
Now switching on the air conditioner. haha!

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  1. your outfit and the interior decorations are so cute! loving the blues! :)

    Metallic Paws

  2. Great post!! Your interior is well artistic also your photo look nice. Loving it. Thanks a lot.


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