03 May 2014

Chicken Junction : Life is Better with Chicken!

Welcome to Chicken Junction! 
I heard about this place for a while already and I finally had the chance to try it out after all the reviews I've been hearing. We arrived there around lunch time and I was already starving. I could hear my tummy grumble a billion times so I went ahead and ordered their best sellers. 

Here's the Sizzling Deviled Chicken (89 Php) which I enjoyed greatly. It was seasoned right and the chicken was cooked well and sliced perfectly. The sauce for me brought everything together.  It had all the right savoury flavors! 

The next dish was Glazed Chicken w/ Fries (65 Php).  Besides pizza you could say I'm greatly obsessed with burgers. This one had me at hello. I could marry that coleslaw if  I could. haha

Overall it was a really good experience for me. I liked that it had a fuss free approach when it came to cooking and truly made the chicken the star of each dish. It was an added bonus too that everything was below 100 pesos!

Special thanks to Paolo Ong the brain child behind all this. Life is certainly better with chicken!


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And visit them at
 One Pavilion Mall, #22 Dutuerte Street, Banawa, 6000 Cebu City 
Contact Number: (032) 253-0611

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