01 May 2014

Swim Team

 I thought since it's Labor day here in the Philippines and everyone is off to Boracay might as well hop on board with the swimsuit posts even if I'm stuck here in Cebu. I've turned three shades darker since Holy Week because of the non-stop pool time. I could really care less if I spent 30 minutes swimming or an hour. Just being in water makes me a happy girl.

I'm always lucky enough to have Cesa PH (IG: @cesaph) send me their latest designs. This one is the Anchor Band Maillot in navy. I've been appreciating why this one piece is such a classic design. It hugs you in all the right places an keeps the unnecessary flabs together. haha

And what's summer without sunnies right? Got mine from Larove Shop (IG: @laroveshop).

Ending this post with a really goofy picture of my sisters and I!
Hoping you have a fun summer! :)

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