24 May 2014

Just Might

Another look from my feature on yesterday's local Newspaper, Sunstar Cebu! It was a really hot day so right after my shoot I went straight to have lunch with family and insert a few clicks here and there. Everything has been a bit busy lately and I just can't help but feel thankful. I have a lot of new opportunities lining up recently and I just might get involved on more Fashion & Interior styling projects. Stay tuned for that hopefully I can fix up my work schedule to have more room for new ones. Fingers crossed!

Mango WhiteTop | The Nerve Clothing Manila Skirt | CMG Nude Heels

Here's how the feature looked like yesterday. Feeling very thankful! :)
Fiona Escandor for the write up
Hafid Caballes for the feature photos
Hannah Kate Lim for my Makeup

Thank you Sunstar Team and everyone who message me yesterday! :)

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