17 June 2014

City Slicker

Here's what I wore to my first day in Hong Kong. Like I said in my previous  Hong Kong travel diaries the best thing about this wonderful country is it's sky high fully detailed architectural buildings. Seeing all these really makes my day. 

OOTD Pilipinas  (IG: @ootdpilipinas) White Customized Peplum Top | Shop WAGW  (IG: @shopwagw Black Pants

Before heading to the Retail Expo I took a few shots along the streets. Was lucky enough to have OOTD Pilipinas , one of my very loyal sponsors, to accommodate my selections and have it exactly in my size! I might just get these peplum tops in different colors. I do not care how magazines have been saying that they're already out of trend. haha I find them super flattering on my body. I might just categorize them as one of my new basic pieces.

Can't wait to show you guys more outfit shots from my trip. New sceneries are always nice. :)

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  1. Lovely outfit, great photo shoot, but please tell me you don't walk around on your tip toes like that all day! I mean, what's the point in wearing flats, right? :)

  2. I love this outfit! Simple yet beautiful! And I love peplum pieces too! :)



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