15 June 2014

Scene Stealers

Home from my trip to Hong Kong. I had a half day of "resting" (that's code for repacking) yesterday in Cebu and now I am here in Davao for more work. Work on a Sunday you ask? Sleep is for the weak. haha I've packed a lot of casual wear for this trip since most of the places I am heading to would involve a buttload of construction sites, a few heaving lifting, and a whole lot of hands on arrangements for me. People who have the notion that Interior Designers have a glamorous job must rip that illusion off their brains. Only thing glamorous there is the output. haha Anyone who's under the field of Fine Arts, Architecture & Interior Design knows what I'm talking about.

To compensate for my scantily garbed self  here's a scene stealer look I wore to a fancy meeting last week. What do you think? I liked that my balloon skirt wasn't too girly despite it's brocade prints. And it certainly was formal enough for the event.  Matched it with this nude casual cropped top to balance it out.

Chandeliers have that same effect. Got a space you want to wow your guests with? These fixtures should be your go to piece. They add so much drama not only through design but also with their actual lighting function. Hard time working with high ceilings? With the right pattern these pieces certainly could be the star of the night!

Zalora PH  Charlie Top & Black Heels | Style Stunner Manila (IG: @stylestunnermanila) Balloon Tibi Full Skirt | Prada  Cornflower Blue Tote Bag

What other scene stealer items do you have?

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    1. Thank you Rosa! :) Always nice to hear from you!

  2. Love this elegant look! The background for this post is also amazing the chandelier is breathtaking!
    Xo Miss Erin

  3. I know! Wanted to take more shots but I only had this set of clothes with me that day. haha


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