26 June 2014

Highlighter Pink

Ooohhhhh! Got that perfect shade of highlighter pink on my dress! I find it particularly hard to pull off neon & vibrant colors but as a designer most of us would have to step out of our comfort zones once in a while to get a few inspirations that aren't our usual preference. 

When it comes to interiors you have to keep experimenting if you want to grow. You can't just get stuck there and not be open to new ideas and perspectives and expect your personal aesthetic to be the trend forever.

So let me start off by saying that each designer is different. Everyone is different. Other creatives would prefer an overload of colors to grab everyone's attention which isn't too bad. While there are others who prefer minimal aesthetics and focus on soothing schemes.

I guess for me I like it when there's a balance between both. I do understand color does play a vital role especially when your client insists upon it. So designers, I do hope you don't do your own style and just create an all white space for our "out there" customers. Personal spaces should reflect it's habitats. A good way to compensate is to create a canvas with a neutral tone and concentrate on small touches found in the interior space. May it be found on throw pillows, arm chairs and accent walls.  Don't worry, when you have this eye-popping color a little goes a long way!

Hei Naharu Classique (IG: @heinaharuclassique) Pink Dress | The SM Store Denim Tie Up 
Forever21 PH Necklaces | CMG Nude Heels

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