24 June 2014

Hong Kong Food Diary

Our first stop was Din Tai Fung at Silver City Mall, Tsim Sha Tsui. This one's an award winning restaurant originating in Taiwan. Best xiaolongbaos in the house!

And then we had Ramen at Butao ! I have this tiny obsession that I've accumulated over the past year for Ramen. Even if I'm super full I just always give in for these tasty noodles. I ordered Butao King which was super delicious already but I hear their best one is the Black King with squid ink. A must try for the adventurous. I'm slowly easing into the idea of squid in my ramen so I'm sticking to the Butao King for now. 

I think Manila has a few branches already! I tried the one in SM Aura. Not bad! :)

Next we headed to Sen-Ryo for dinner at Century Square D'Aguilar St., Central. Sushi Train! They had a fixed rate when it came to the dishes, which depended on which color of plate you'd get. 

Our last stop was Ichiran Ramen at Jaffle Road, Causeway Bay. Something new since everyone sat in cubicles! I guess they wanted their customers to concentrate on the Ramen only.  Luckily, we arrived around 5pm which wasn't the rush hour so we didn't have to wait in line very long. Right when finished the line seemed never ending! haha Lucky us!

I guess that's it for now. I actually had a bunch of other restaurants I visited but was too hungry and impatient to take photos. haha Till the next trip!

Now wondering if we have any yummy restaurants here in Cebu I can feature. Any suggestions? :)


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