11 August 2014

Easy Fix

The sound of the alarm on a Monday morning is very terrifying to hear. Having to shut it up with the snooze button feels so rewarding. But, that's never enough to get more hours of sleep. As I scramble around my bed ,tossing and turning, then finally realizing that I've got 30 minutes left before work starts.  Rushing off has been a habit. Sipping through what's left of my Dad's morning coffee as I hurry to the car has become a daily picture of me. Picking out clothes doesn't seem too important once you are looking at the time. I guess that's why resolving to clean and simple looks has always been the case with me. 

Bazaar Find White Longsleeves  & Printed Skirt | Minted Jewelry Delos Necklace in black | Suelas Online Gold Flats

Enter accessories! Oh how I love to keep a stash of long pendant necklaces similar to this one from Minted Jewelry (IG: @mintedjewelry) in my office table. This delos necklace in black is the perfect statement piece to add if you think your outfit looks a little drab. Layering them with other necklaces is one good trick too. It's always nice to have a backup plan and to always be prepared!


  1. You're so pretty as always miss Gillian :)
    And love the necklace.

    Ashley xx

  2. i love this look! it feels comfy but stylish! :)


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