15 August 2014

Three Hour Delay

This was taken during our last day at Shanghai. We had a long flight ahead of us so I opted to skip all the extra styling and stuck to simple yet chic outfit choices. A blazer (similar to this one from Alexander Wang) was a definite must since the cold airport temperature and I are not friends. I guess chic pants that could wrap me up from the cold was a good idea.

When we found out our flight got delayed by three hours all I could think of was thanking the Fashion Gods for letting me pick my statement shirt over a strapless bra top and as much as I love wearing sky high heels I wore my reliable gold ballet flats instead to get me through all the waiting. 

H&M White Blazer | Shersy Clothing (IG:@shersyclothing)  Abstract Top | Guess White Pants 
Suelas Online (IG: @suelasonline) Gold Ballet Flats

Three hours delayed and a lot of extra time to shoot this look wasn't so bad. :)

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