14 August 2014

Shanghai Expedition

Back on track with my Shanghai travel diary. We were scheduled to visit the famous City God Temple on our third day. It was a Sunday and man were the temples packed!  I guess it wasn't a good idea to visit on the same day when everyone else was free! haha The whole area was swamped , nonetheless it was a good experience.

Appreciating the Imperial Architecture that this 600 year old Daoist Temple brings was priceless. The multi-inclined roofs were just too beautiful to watch. You can't imagine the countless Imperial lattice work found almost everywhere ! It didn't hurt too since it looked good on all the photos. haha

The weather wasn't cooperating and the blazing heat was almost unbearable so it was a good thing I got to wear this white romper from Pinkaholic (IG: @pinkaholicfs) that I could easily move around with from one tourist spot to the next. 

Our next stop was the famous Tianzifang, a tiny road in Taikang Lu. It's a hub of all things artsy and had the best collection of hole in the wall restaurants and shops. My friends and I had fun looking around and checking out all their knick knacks to find unique gifts to bring back home. For some reason all the mixed up oncepts kinda worked for this labyrinth of stores. 

Overall, we had a long but fun day. Reach the maximum level of being an explorer! :) 
So happy I got to go on this trip. 

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  1. this outfit is too cute, love everything about it, from your earrings, to the thin green belt, to those sexy sandals . . .


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