08 August 2014

Work Essentials

Hello from casual Gillian.  Whenever we have scheduled shoots at work I make it a point to wear  easy to move in clothes. I like looking fresh, that is my thing. I usually prefer lightweight pieces that I could easily move around as work entails a lot of heavy lifting and transferring from one location to the next. As an Interior Designer one has to be always ready. 

Sun glasses with flash lenses similar to this one from  Larove Shop ( IG: @laroveshop) is the perfect shield from the painful rays of the sun. And with this one I get to view the entire setup properly. 

A brown leather tote bag from  Bags in the City Manila (IG: @bagsinthecity)  to fit in all the accessories I need. Yes, interior styling need a lot of accessories. Think, throw pillows, little trinkets, flowers and many more!

Lastly a comfy pair of flats from Suelas (@suelasonline) to get you through all the running and editing of setups. 

Always a fun filled day when you're dealing with creative work. What does work look like for you?

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  1. Love your outfit! Those exact two colours used to be my favourite colours when I was younger. I now still very much love the two hues but I've gravitated towards blue more now. :)

    Vessi :: arts & petite style blog

  2. The bagggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 You look so fabulous on any looks! :D


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