07 August 2014

The Bund During The Day

The Bund, Wai Tan  in Chinese, was our next stop. It was along Huang Pu River which is the largest river in Shanghai. It's along the French Concession which I am pretty excited to blog about soon.
We were speechless when we arrived at this fascinating cityscape view, I guess the only word to describe was  "Bundy". You've seen night shots of The Bund at my previous post and the scene during the day was just as beautiful. 

We had a reservation at  Mr. & Mrs. Bund  that night so I went ahead and took the  feminine direction with a powder blue romper from Shersy Clothing (@shersyclothing) that had a neckline full of sparkle. As much as I wanted to grab a pair of heels the tourist in me kicked in and resulted to comfortable flats from none other than Suelas (@suelasonline).

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