06 August 2014

Tutti Frutti

It's a holiday here in Cebu! Horrah! What better way to celebrate a non-working day than to bring out those festive colors. Thought it would be nice to share this look as I am extra happy to be spending time with my family in a few minutes. My Pinkaholic (IG: @pinkaholicfs) green cropped top & yellow lace skirt sums up my joyful mood.

My top and skirt are two different pieces but I liked that it coincidentally looked like a set. A match made in heaven. To add on to the brightness, instead of taming the look down, I chose to elevate it more by adding another vibrant color through my orange Bags in the City Manila (IG: @bagsinthecity) sling bag.

And there you have it, a burst of happy colors. Do you guys have any suggestions of color combos?

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Thanks for commenting you guys! Will answer as soon as I can if there are any questions. <3

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