04 August 2014

Zendai Himalayas Center at Pudong, Shanghai

Hello again from our Shanghai trip. This time we're all staying at the Kerry Hotel at Pudong, Shanghai. Kryz, Jack & Mike arrived really late on the first day thus we weren't able to see each other as I was dead asleep so I was able to see everyone on the second day. 

I was pretty excited to be spending time with the best friend. It's our first international trip together! Kryz has always been the outgoing one as she loves to travel and meet new people. So brave. haha I on the other hand am a hermit. Thankfully I went out of my shell (after a lot of persuasion with Kryz' fave line : "you promised biya yan") and spent time with these goof balls. Off we went to Zendai Himalayas Center. Not too sure if it's a tourist attraction or not but anywhere architecturally pleasing is where my compass points.

For a day of exploring I went for something easy and chic like this white shirt dress Asto Group sent me.  You can't begin to imagine how much I love this piece. The guys were joking around how it was the hotel's bath robe or lab gown, har-har! But I was glad that the girls loved it. I really think this piece has all the things I look for in clothing. Irregular, Classic & Chicness all rolled into one.

When traveling I like to keep it practical. Brought along my Love Eyecandy sling bag where a thousand items can fit. Remember Mary Poppins' bag? That's what it was to me, a bottomless pit. haha Next to bags, is a comfy pair of glittery flats from Tutum Shop. I've tried traveling on uncomfortable shoes and boy was it a pain. So ever since that experience I have always, and I mean ALWAYS , made it a point to find comfy shoes. It's just not worth it to walk around in pain and not enjoy the scene. 

Ryan was able to catch up that day so it was extra fun! I had the best time with this crew. Pretty thankful for this trip. :)

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  1. Cute outfit! Looks like you had tons of fun!


  2. Super cute outfit! I don't think it looks like a bathrobe at all. I also REALLY love your friend's rose skirt in the first few photos! Do you know where she got it?

    Vessi :: arts & petite style blog


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