09 September 2014

3 Easy Ways to Liven Up Your Space

Vintage Army Green  Polo| Van Vogue Manila Skirt (similar here) | Rusty Lopez Plum Pumps

I have finally learned to embrace the rain. Now that it's September I feel a transition with how I've been dressing. Throwing away pastels and looking for deeper colors has been shaking up my closet recently. Having these rich colors may seem suitable but there are a few of us who would prefer to hold on to some brightness. Balancing it all out is the key. I took shots of this from yesterday's usual interior shoot at work. With the gloomy weather I thought I'd teach you guys how to brighten up spaces without going overboard. 


Add vibrant pieces and home decors to break the somber mood of your space. Connecting  eye popping side tables and turning it into a center table will do the trick and could make an interesting focal point. 


Got a lot of paintings you want up on your wall? That could be done by simply placing it up in collage form. The brighter the better! Find your own source of sunshine. 


It's never cozy without something textured. Try out neutral colors in a striped pattern. It may not be an overload of colors but it sure is a different route than the usual plain ones. 

Hope those tips were helpful. See, staying in isn't so bad!


Thanks for commenting you guys! Will answer as soon as I can if there are any questions. <3

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