13 September 2014

A Good Balance

Uniqlo PH White Button Down | I Love NL Clothing Pink Shorts | Forever 21 PH White Heels | Vintage Elle Bag from Mom

I love this look! A good balance of feminine, preppy, polished and quirky-- just the way I like it.  I've been reviewing my older look for the past 5 years and in all honest to god goodness thank you lord for helping me tone it down. Maybe it was more fun when I was younger since I was more open to experimenting but right now , at 25, I guess dressing for my age is getting to me. There may be some things I would love to cling on to forever such as cropped tops, micro minis and yes even teeny bopper prints, hopefully I still get to wear them with a bit of style tweaking. Only time or age will tell! haha


Thanks for commenting you guys! Will answer as soon as I can if there are any questions. <3

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