27 January 2011

Fashion Schooled

photography by Lea Ann
styling/model: GilLian Uang (me!)
clothes from Detail bydetails


Today was exceptionally cold. Cebu weather is whacked! I can't believe my fingers and toes are freezing (having a hard time typing right now). Despite the weird clouds coming forth Cebu, I love that it gives me an excuse to layer after layer everything I have in my closet! I guess there is always an upside in every situation. 

I went to school today for our midterm test in my only class besides my thesis. I was there 8:30 sharp! I was not shocked that there were only three of us at that time, the weather called for  drowsy people and a very traffic day here at the southside! While I was turning on my computer, my teacher approached me and asked about my online store! I was shocked to find out that my teacher knew about my life outside school. I gamely answered and explained all his questions about it. He mentioned something about not being stagnant, I guess he was referring about bumming around over the 1 semester hiatus I took from school. Haha I guess teachers snoop around more than you think.
There are a lot of teachers from our department who dresses fashionably in their own style. I should do a "STALK THE STAFF" section for CAFA! haha *kidding* This professor of mine was way old school, but I loved how he was always in high waisted pants, even when I was in my freshman year of college, a trend by the way that is here to stay! It got me thinking on trying out high waist pants too! I guess fashion is a cycle!

Till then guys!
Hope your toes and fingers are warm! 



  1. like this part --> "I love that it gives me an excuse to layer after layer everything I have in my closet!" ... ditto!♥

  2. It's funny how even after layering I still feel cold! haha

  3. i am loving the cold weather, it does gives us an excuse to layer. sana lang hindi tu umabot ng april, i also want summer weather! :)

  4. I know! I'd love to wear my sheer items again!! Haha A prediction says that this year's gonna be the hottest summer ever, literally!! Haha

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  6. Haha I know! You should see my other professors, they are equally cool! Haha

  7. goodluck on your "STALK THE STAFF" plan =) cool post! love the outfit! =)

  8. i was just kidding on that stalk the staff thing! Haha but thanks! :)

  9. Hi Miss Gillian!

    I saw you katoh usa ka adlaw in school! You were so fashionable, Im a freshman paman so wa ta nag abot when you were in school last year! I just found out you have a blog coz I googled you! heeeheee ^_____^ more power! so pretty xx

  10. thanks! :) hope you can leave your name next time. so that I'll know who I'm addressing this message to :)

  11. Your long vest is cute! And I really like the composition of this photo. :)


  12. Thanks Dani! :) All thanks to the photog! Lea's so skillful! :)

  13. hi yan..wer do u go thrift shopping? :)

  14. It's been a while since I last thrifted since I opened my online store! Haha but I got my best buys from Mandaue ukay around a year ago.

  15. Amazing look! I LOVE your vest!




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