05 February 2011

All for the better

photo by Lea Ann
clothes are from Detail bydetails


An old picture from an old friend!
Missing my long bangs! :(


On to some stressful news! It's our thesis deadline on Monday and I've been going crazy putting on pressure on  myself! Compared to my other classmates, I've always been a light painter.. Nothing too textured on my plates.. they're just usually very light and soft. I don't know it it's the girly side of me or I'm just an amateur when it comes to watercolor work! I hate painting! It takes too long to dry, I'm impatient when t comes to  these, very bull headed! So you see,that's why I prefer light renders since they easily absorb the colors plus I can pile on more colors  to make it dark with a bit of shadow. This is one of the areas of my proposed home renovation. I hope It doesn't look weird. I usually am more of a concept girl rather than sketching.

Onwards to cheerful news! Got a call from my sister a while ago about finally finding the sequined beanie I've been looking for! I love it to death! I've been searching far and wide for one of these babies.. (even  messaged  a lot of people on where they got theirs) and finally I've got my very own piece! It's very Rachel Zoe if you ask me and I am so in love with it. I know it's not very appropriate with the sunny weather we've been getting these past few days but if you do see me wear this in public I am sorry for wearing something so annoyingly inappropriate but I can't helpt it! I have to wear something I like! haha

Now back to rendering my last two perspectives! 
Adios Amigos!



  1. Wow! You never post about school stuff! so purdddeee! <3

  2. oh wow everything is absolutely inspiring!

    Only the Marvelous

  3. i love it! :D cute ..doesnt look weird at all. :)) I love your sequined beanie! <3

  4. @joanna: thanks! :) glad you liked it ! teehee

    @anagon: hopefully my thesis panel will think the same! and yes I <3 my sequined beanie! wahahahha

  5. You're so pretty Gillian! I like your drawing and your beanie! Can't wait to see pictures of you wearing the beanie!

  6. THANKS Anna! Can't wait to wear the beanie too! hehe

  7. BEANIEEEEEEEEE!!!! HEARTS! And your pretty good at drawing too! so kewl!

  8. You are so beautiful Yan! (can I call you that? HEEE!) I checked Luis' fb and find out you were his GF! WOW! swerte siya, having a GF who is super stylish and famous in CEBU! you guys look so cute together! CUTE LOVE TEAM!

    do you mind if I ask how long your relationship is it it's not invasive. :DDDDDDDDDDDD

  9. @Tracey: awee! thanks, but you should see some of my classmates work, very inspiring! Mine's nothing beside theirs! haha

    @Heidi: Of course you can call me Yan, I'm more accustomed to that, I sometimes forget my name is Gillian. Thank you for the nice words Heidi! :)

    I don't mind at all, it's not like it's a secret. If you count the courting stage I think around 6-7 years already.. but if you just count when we officially got together we just turned 5 years 2 days ago :)

  10. You are so pretty! ;> I see you around CAFA lately,Im a first year. I always love your outfits. I have some boy friends have the biggest crush on you. They used to stalk you every Thurs! ngano daw wa naka nisulod?

  11. haha tell your friends they are too weird. haha and yes.. my 3dmax class is only half a semester. I just go to school whenever I have thesis deadlines nalang :)

  12. omg! you'll be like a walking disco ball if you wear that beanie on a sunny day! COOL!!!! :D

    good luck with your thesis!

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  13. hahaha I know! might catch weird stares! hahaha "ngano mani siya?" hahah thanks dear! :)

  14. That's a very nice picture of you, up there. Good luck! :)

  15. that drawing is beautiful! i could never do that!

  16. That's what I thought when I was in my 1st year. But you can actually learn! HAHAHA


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