21 February 2011

Architecturally Sleeping

Photo Taken by Hannah Bacalla
dress by Mique Yapching


I love this dress! I had this made by my good designer friend, Mique Yapching, for Preveiw's 15th Anniversary party which was held here in Cebu months back. I love the architecture touch that's happening with it. Nothing too drastic but at the same time has a very classic impact through the details of the dress. It sorta reminded me of a favorite interior decorating wall paneling trick which is Wainscoting.

Wainscoting actually is an interior wall paneling technique done just below the dado rail/chair rail which usually presents an illusion of a sort of  "fenced" interior wall. It adds such an architectural touch to a simple surface elevating it more into something polished yet dramatic. Much like the dress with the ribbed draping that Mique designed for me. Coincidentally my shoes sort of  has the same pattern as the wainscot in the interior picture! :)


On to some gut wrenching news..
I had a hard time sleeping last night. For the first time ever I had nothing to do. I hate doing nothing, I honestly miss the stress and all the pump I get when I was working on my thesis. Right now, I'm just awaiting for the results. At least I've got something else to worry about. And just to add on to the wait I found out that the announcement of thesis results just got moved to Wednesday, so it's an additional day of agony for me!

Please Lord, let me sleep tonight!

Hope you guys get better sleep than I'll ever have!


  1. You really have a way with words! Good luck with your thesis!

  2. Amazing! The firs photo is E P I C! Saw you ydy in CAFA love your style and congrats on passing your thesis!

  3. gorg! I saw your blog from weardrobe and I love all your outfit choices. Oh wow, and lookbook too?! Following all your accounts! :}

  4. Ur shoes does have a similar pattern! lolz!


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