10 April 2011

Bring Me Flowers

The season calls for print as suggested in Spring's 2011 RTW Runway! Take A cue from Dolce & Gabbana's runway that took inspiration from the garden! Besides the checks and lace  floral patterns were pouring out of their runway! Even the runway it self was decked with hydrangeas and ivies! Clearly a summer staple, floral prints are always a part of our wardrobe! Whether it be coffee with the girls or a night with your boy, florals are the best way to exude femininity.

Photos Taken by Lea Ann
clothes from "In between Dreams" collection by Detail bydetails 
 (still up for grabs!)
For this summer, how about leaving the dainty colors and try on some somber pieces. To maintain the whole light and airy feel that is summer try picking pieces with sheer or flowy materials that would compensate in your somber palette! Have fun! Don't forget to shop Detail bydetails' new collection In between Dreams.



  1. It's always fun dropping by your blog Gil! You always try to translate different versions of the runway! You should be a designer! :)

  2. Awesome as always Gillian! You never fail to amaze me with your knowledge on fashion and style! Good luck with your board exam!

  3. how are you related with Kryz of WAGW? You look just like her in the photo. :)
    btw, following your blog.


  4. @lulu: Designer? More of a vision kind of person rather than designing. haha But thank you for the suggestion. :)

    @anastacia_pp : Thanks Anastacia, glad you like my "tips" even if their just based on my personal opinions. :)

    @aiken: HAHAHA not the first person to tell me that. We get that a lot -haha, actually she's my best friend. :) Thank you for following :)

  5. I love D&G's new collection!!!!!!!! You are always on trend Gillian. You must work in a magazine someday! They need a creative person like you! :)

  6. its gonna be a flowery summer!

  7. @Allana Faye: Hahaa SOMEDAY, but not now! Thank you for the kind words Allana, even if there are way more on trend people compared to me but thank you for thinking that way. :)

    @Liezyl: I can feel it too! :)


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