08 April 2011

To Board and Packing

photo taken by Lea Ann

Do you guys ever get that feeling of uncertainty? Well that's how I feel right now. I've never been the type who didn't know what to do. I'm a nerdy psycho girl who just can't live with the concept of  completely bumming around. Since school just ended for me and it's out of the question to study another course again .. So after months of self-debate the only logical step to do is to take the board exam. To those guys who didn't know-- Yes, you have to be licensed to be called an Interior Designer! So I guess I'm giving the board exam a try this year. Been busy lately just doing preparations on my 4 month stay in Manila. I'm usually a very light packer especially when I travel with family together with a jam packed pre-planned iterinary so it's easy for me to pre-style clothes under that situation. This time I'll be out of my element though, cause I have no idea what plans I'll be encountering when I get there. My main goal is studying though but as I've said in my past post I have to dress up to get things done. If  Gwen Stefani had to put on makeup to feel energized I have to dress up to keep my work juices flowing! This is gonna be such a waste of outfits, if only I had the power to see the future then packing would be a breeze! To packing and all the hassle it brings!

See you soon Manila! :)



  1. Really? Ur coming here to Manila?!?!!? Good! Sana I get to see you in person!!! Good luck with the board exam Gil!

  2. I know how you feel! I HATE packing!!!!!!!!! Can't wait for you to finally move to Manila and see your new adventures! :>

  3. Pretty as always Gillian! Wow! What a big step! I'll be 4th year high school next year and I might just take an art course for college because I'm inspired by your story about not knowing anything but gaining a lot of skill through your course. You are an inspiration. :)

  4. Good luck and have fun in Manila! :)

  5. So pretty Gillian !

  6. you have amazong photos. wow.

    am jealous, you're young. hihihi.

    go out, have fun. travel, see places, meet people. being young is all about those things.

    i love your blog. following you back at twitter.

  7. @chesna: awee! Thanks Chesna, hope to meet you too. :)

    @beatrice: I'm scared and excited at the same time. Even if it's just for 4 months.

    @hannah bacalla : Thanks Han! No shoots for a while, something I'll miss. :(

    @luuna: thank you! I got your email by the way, thank you for the nice words. :)

    @Denise: Thanks Denise, most of them are from the photographers I've worked with. Followed you in blogger too! :)

  8. God bless with the board exam Yan! I have a feeling you'll really enjoy Manila. Haha

  9. Waaahhh!!!! Manila? Seryosooo??? Hwow!!!!! Sana you'll always be out and I can bump into you. ;)

  10. @Ddayna :awee! Thank you sweetie! I wish you the best!

    @Anne: Thanks Anne! Don't be too sure, focus sah ko with board! hahahaha

    @Ruby: Yes I'm serious! hahaha Wouldn't kid about these things. Not really sure with the whole going out thing but if ever I hope to see you too. :)


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