23 July 2013

CESA Ph X By Details Blog Giveaway:

Topshop Mint Top | Old White Shorts | Forever 21 Necklaces| Celine Heels | Cesa PH Turban

Recently, I've been having difficulty catching up with time because of my busy schedule. So whenever Sundays come a long I try to leave everything behind and just enjoy my day without having to worry about anything.

  So for an afternoon filled with a whole lot of sweets and silly stories with my best friends I decided to keep things on the down low and went for something casual. My fave mint green top, white shorts, low heels and some gold accents for that day

Wore one of my Cesa PH turbans too which added a bit of a quirky touch to my simple look!
Anyway, if you're eyeing my cute bow turban then you are in luck!

Cesa PH is giving away 5 turbans to two lucky winners!
 All you have to is follow both Cesa PH & I from our social media accounts.

Giveaway lasts till August 4,2013 (Sunday)
Open to Philippine based readers only.
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  1. I love your floral turban! <3 I am really fond of usamimi and turban and I want to be one of the winners! :)

  2. i love how u paired out the whole outfit!!!!
    its so stylish and outgoing :)

    in love with ur blog!
    lets keep in touch :)

    xx Michelle


  3. Do have to purchase something from CESA so we could join the giveaway? :)


Thanks for commenting you guys! Will answer as soon as I can if there are any questions. <3

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