26 July 2013

They Were All Yellow

Greenhills "Holy Chic" Top | WAGW Shorts | Sheinside Yellow Blazer (worn here)| Forever21 Heels & Necklace

Dressing up on today's post! Wore this look to a photo shoot I did with the Sunstar Plus & Special team last week.

They told me I had to do an actual Interior Setup to match any look I wanted to incorporate. Thankfully Mandaue Foam was nice enough to let me insert a quick shoot  for this feature. :)

 I really think yellow is a good color to use in your homes & closets. The key to not going overboard with this one is to inject them in small amounts all around your space and gather them together with neutral ones.

Like my look, I tried to mellow down the brightness of my textured Blazer with a statement shirt , black mini shorts, nude heels and a gold chained necklace. I've been drawn to so much urban eclectic interiors lately I think it's slowly reflecting on the way I style myself too.

With interior decorating this color can do wonders to your area. Yellow is one of the bright shades found in the color spectrum. So a great tip in applying this into your homes is by adding different intensities of yellow throughout the room but in small amounts.

I like adding interesting pieces into a space too. For instance, take this quirky yellow rhino in the photo. It's a great conversational piece. Doesn't hurt too that it looks super cute! haha

And don't be afraid to experiment. Try adding contrasting colors into the mix like a few greens and blues or even an abstract painting . They actually break the monotony of the current scheme.

Feeling very thankful that I was even considered for this feature. :>
Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed shooting it!



  1. combination of black and yellow is the best..^_^

  2. wow, I want this yellow jacket!! Great combination! <3

  3. GORGEOUS - both you and the place. But maybe I'm biased. Yellow happens to be my favorite color <3


    1. hahaha I hope your not . Thanks for dropping by :)

  4. Stunning stuff.

  5. WOW! Love how you decorated your place. It's absolutely stunning~ You are very talented! Just got yourself a new bloglovin' follower :) keep in touch <3

    Joyce @ carouselstreet.com

  6. "Feeling very thankful that I was even considered for this feature." As are we all . . . Wow!

    1. P.S. Holy Chic, Batman, I love those heels! :)


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