03 October 2013

Travel Diary: Hong Kong

Visited Hong Kong a  month ago for work. Most people were telling me that the food there would be great but in all honesty I was more excited on the beautiful structures they had all around the city. Let me start this blog post by showing you a lot of citsyscapes that I was able to take during my short stay.

I love the city planning in Hong Kong and how they value their architectural aesthetic. All these building shots were a dream! The lines, structure and design were properly created and infused.

That night we were able to visit Avenue Of The Stars with an awesome view of Causeway Bay! I have sa great weakness with lights. I took a mental photo of this, forever engraved into my brain. haha

Visited Ocean Park the next day which I really loved. Looking at the jellyfishes were the best part besides crazy rides!

Here's a partial view of our hotel room.

Woke up the next day ready to die. I swear I was not built for long walks but I still sucked it up anyway since HongKong was a really beautiful city and we still had much to do.

Ending this post with the last photo before heading back to the Philippines that day!
Will definitely be visiting Hong Kong again! :)



  1. Lovely moments captured,love your skirt.

  2. Beautiful photographs of Hong Kong, Gillian! I love that shot of you in the windowsill!

  3. Nice photo diary, Yan! Ughh missing HK. Beautiful shots of the infrastructure details, and love that photo on the window too *wink* !! :)

    1. That was originally the whole set. But I did a reshoot nalang since it might look too racey.

  4. when travelling abroad, always expect lots of walking. nice photos of HK, missing HK too

    1. I should've known better. :( haha Thank you! :)


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