24 January 2014

Baroque Prints

Trying to elevate a normal tank top & shorts combination into something more polished. I wore this lovely Baroque Printed Blazer from Style To Go Cebu (IG: @style2go) to break the simplicity of my look. I love how the prints has an elegant aura to it. The White and Olive Green color combination is a nice touch too.

These prints are really hard to handle. Next to the right mix of color it's also the scale of the print. When it comes to spaces, designer's like me prefer big prints that have enough spacing . This creates a higher impact to you space without doing a lot. When it comes to Fashion though, which is usually in a smaller scale these prints should adjust to it's canvas. 

Another easy way to look chic is to throw in a pair of heels, like this one from Zalora PH. Changing into high heeled numbers always improves the form of your body and how the clothes fall on it. There! A subtle improvement.


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