01 September 2014

Deck of Cards

Front Row Shop Top | Bazaar Find White Pants| Forever 21 PH White Pumps (similar here) | Sunnies by Charlie Sunglasses (similar here)

"Off with their heads!" was a favorite childhood line of mine. While other kids were busy with Sleeping Beauty & Aladdin I was obsessed with Lewis Caroll's Alice in Wonderland. I think that cartoon shaped a lot of my quirkiness as a youth. Enter the world of the weird and wonderful. My shirt from Front Row Shop reminded me of the guards that were playing cards in the film. I wish I wore red pants with this one and go on full costume. 

Having playing cards as your inspiration when decorating gives an injection of fun into your room. Like using patterns for a certain furniture piece or even enlarging one of the cards to turn into a painting. 

How about it? Are we all in?

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